Industry Expert Holiday Decor Tips

Industry Expert Holiday Decor Tips

Nov 21st 2018

Thanksgiving is almost here and ready or not, garland, lights, and reindeer are soon to infiltrate our worlds! Earlier this fall, we featured a handful of interior designers, bloggers, Instagram influencers, and shop owners in our Industry Expert Fall Roundup and it was an instant hit across all of our social media platforms. We couldn't wait to dive into the series again, and it was only a matter of time before we began brainstorming for our next installment. We're excited to be partnering with a number of voices in the industry to provide you with some inspiration, tips, and tricks for all of your holiday decorating! 

Without further ado, allow us to share our long-awaited Industry Expert Holiday Decor Tips, featuring the thoughts from a variety of strong leaders across a plethora of platforms!

1) "Don't Stress, Use What You Own" | Rachel of Joyful Derivatives | Visit Blog | Follow on Instagram 

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"When it comes to decorating, I’m all about keeping things simple and affordable. Which is why, my favorite way to decorate for the holidays is by adding holiday-style decor to my already existing decor! For example, I’ll add a large, gold ribbon bow to my magnolia wreath, fill my wood box on the piano with red and gold bulbs, or place a red throw pillow on my neutral sofa. My biggest advice - don’t stress about buying all new decor for the holidays, rather just purchase a few accent pieces that can be placed among the decor you already own."

2) "Enjoy the Process" | Lauren Nicole of Lauren Nicole Designs | Website Follow on Instagram

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"There is nothing quite like being ‘home’ for the holidays with family and this time is all about making memories! Instead of viewing holiday decorating as stressful, take the time to enjoy the process by turning it into a joyful time for your entire family. Crank up the Christmas music, pour hot cocoa and give everyone in your family a task! Don’t forget the kids - let your children decorate their rooms, craft homemade ornaments for the tree and hang their stockings on the mantle. Whether you choose to decorate with traditional red and green or create a modern day winter wonderland with silver and metallic accents, remember to enjoy this time as you celebrate the magic of Christmas!"

3) "Use What Makes You Happy" | Marilyn of Bei Fiori Embellish | Etsy Shop | Follow on Instagram

"I love Christmas! I want my home to feel warm and inviting. In my home the mantel and tree are the main focus. I like to keep the mantel simple. I like to use one large item in the middle as the focal point and something on either side. It makes decorating the mantel so much easier. The Christmas tree should make you feel happy. Decorate with things that make you happy and bring back happy memories! Have a very Merry Christmas!"

4) "Textures + Warmth...!" | Brooke from This Home Here Follow on Instagram

“Winter wonderland is my go-to theme for the holidays. I always think of snow covered forests and try to replicate it inside. Decorate your mantel with faux fur stockings, throw a cream colored, chunky knit blanket on the couch, set a stack of wood logs in a metal basket by the fireplace, pick up some rattan trees with twinkle lights to an extra dreamy glow. Throw in some gold ornaments on the tree to ad a glam farmhouse vibe! Textures + warmth are what make my heart happy!”

5) "Different Textures and Patterns!" | Lindsay of Franklin Farmhouse | Follow on Instagram

“I love decorating for the Holidays! One thing I always try to do is use different textures and patterns. Layering textures can be easy is fun. I always like to incorporate a solid color, a pattern, and a natural element. Old books are always a great way to add height and texturesto any holiday vignette!"

6) "Pick a Theme and Stick To It!" | ME Sublime Designs | Etsy Shop | Follow On Instagram 
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“Do what makes you happy! It’s so easy for me to get carried away with all of the wonderful holiday color schemes and decor trends. I have to pick a theme and stick to it! I then carry that theme through the entire house, being sure not to neglect high traffic areas (such as powder rooms, hallways, and guest rooms)! Custom pillows that carry you past Christmas are nice touches, too!”

7) "Keep It Cohesive!" | Kelly of Home with Kelly | Follow on Instagram 

“My tip for holiday decorating is to keep it cohesive. Decide on a colour scheme early, then add these colours in every space. Repurpose old decorations by painting them to match the colours you have chosen. Finish off each space with twinkling lights and plenty of throw blankets (matching your scheme, of course!), so every space in your home is justas inviting as the next!”

8) "Don't Let Tradition Govern!" | Teri of T. Moore Home | Website Follow on Instagram 

“Don’t let traditional holiday rules govern your decorating. If green and red don’t match your home or float your boat, find ways to incorporate existing decor into the season! My home is filled with blue chinoiserie and coastal touches. So for Christmas, I like toincorporate these items by hanging smallreplicas and tiny nods to the ocean on our tree. After all, the twinkling lights provide proofthat the holidays are here! There’s no reason toannounce the season with garish decor you don’t even like!” 

9) "Go with Nature Inspired Themes" | Tammy of Cozy Cole Home | Follow on Instagram

“I love the rustic look all the time, and it’s no different for the holidays. A great tip for inexpensive decorating for the holidays is to go with a nature inspired theme. Filling jars and/or baskets with things found on a nature hike brings the pretty outside IN for the winter, plus it adds texture and interest. I’m adding new life to the old decor with the popular red and black buffalo check plaid this year. I’ll also be using pine cone garland, cranberries, winter bird ornaments, old sleds, and ice skates to achieve the rustic & nostalgic vibe I’m looking for!”

10) "The Devil is in the Details" | Ariela of Swimming In A Sea of Blankets | Follow on Instagram 
“Decorating for the holidays brings joy to my whole family, but with festivities popping up at every turn, I’ve found it helpful to decorate but keep things simple. I love a neutral color palette for that very reason. I use pops of color for every season and it just works so nicely. It’s true that the devil is in the details, but no one needs to burden themselves with too many details for the point to get across and still have time to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer.” 

11) "Bring In Natural Elements" | Kori of The Farmhouse Life | Blog | Follow on Instagram

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12) "Adding Trees of All Sizes" | Kristin of Revival Farmhouse Living | Website | Follow on Instagram

“Why have just one Christmas tree when you can have little Christmas trees all over your house? Adding trees of all sizes has been my favorite way to add a winter/Christmas touch to my generally neutral decor style. A few little trees added to a shelf, mantle, or countertop is a super simple and easy way to make your home feel festive...without the cluttered feel!”