Quantity Pillow Discounts | Bulk Pillow Ordering

Quantity Pillow Discounts | Bulk Pillow Ordering

Dec 6th 2018

Quantity Pillow Discounts
Bulk Pillows Wholesale PillowsWhether you are a bargain shopper or not, there is no 
denying the simple truth that everyone loves a great discount... especially when it comes to home products! When you're moving forward in a decor endeavor, creating a new product for your shop, or taking on a creative project, there's always extra costs involved. With this, saving some extra cash is always preferred and appreciated. While wholesale is typically an option with most companies, sometimes you're not quite ready to take a leap. 

At PillowCubes, we create premium, handcrafted pillows to order in our small, Tennessee-based factory. With this, we have the opportunity to ensure every pillow insert you order receives special attention and attention to detail -- meaning your final product arrives perfectly created and ready for all of your pillow projects.

While this premium approach is what sets us apart, it also leads to a bit more cost than what you may find from a well-known store that sources pillows from overseas. We recognize this and want to make your pillow purchasing as cost effective as possible.

In striving to maintain excellent quality at fair prices, we've created a quantity discount program that saves you big bucks when ordering pillows of quantities of six or more. The more you purchase, the more you save. One of the best perks about this discount is that you are able to mix and match styles, fill types, and sizes, giving you the creative liberty you need with every order! On top of this, you can also apply the quantity discount to any wholesale order (hello, extra money in the bank!). We're all about working with our customers and putting together options that work best for their individual and/or company needs and desires.

Ready to get started with our bulk pillow ordering quantity discounts? Just add more than six pillows of any kind to your PillowCubes.com cart and see the savings begin to stack up! 

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