Ruffled Pillow Topper Tutorial

Posted by Denise Knapp on Dec 11th 2015

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A while ago I did a review for and just loved the pillow I got. It was a round 20" pillow, very well manufactured and super thick and soft. I used it to make this Blossom Doily Pillow Sewing Pattern. Today I am thrilled to be here at PillowCubes with a free tutorial for a ruffled pillow topper tutorial! I used the free pillow pattern I made but this time I added a huge ruffle cover. This round pillowcase pattern has an opening with drawstrings to close the pillowcase with and originally I added some hand crocheted pads. The ruffle is so different and adds so much drama to this pillow and it is very easy to make.

ruffled pillow topper 


Gather Your Materials:

  • round 20" pillow form from PillowCubes
  • download the pattern and make the round pillowcase
  • 3/4 yard of non-stretch cotton fabric
  • 6x6 piece of felt
  • sewing machine
  • serger
  • thread
  • straight pins
  • 3 safety pins 


Follow this step-by-step tutorial:

 ruffled pillow tutorial

  1. Cut 3 strips of fabric, 4" long
  2. Sew all 3 strips together on the short ends so you will end up with a long strip of fabric (don't sew the ends together)
  3. Serge the bottom edge and fold it up towards the wrong side of the fabric, press in place and sew it down along the serged stitches
  4. Using your serger (set on ruffle mode), serge the top edge and at the same time, gather the fabric as tightly as possible
  5. This is your gathered ruffle
  6. (NOTE: if the gathers are not tight enough to look like in this picture, you may hand gather over the serged stitches to pull the ruffle tighter together - the tighter the better as it will result in a prettier ruffle once it's done)
  7. Cut out a 6" felt circle
  8. Start arranging the ruffle over the entire felt circle to check the fit. Then pin the ruffle to the outer circle edge so that the ruffle hangs over about 2".
  9. Using a straight stitch, start sewing the ruffle on right over the serged stitches. Sew only until the ruffle forms the first full circle.
  10. Remove the straight pins and start forming a second circle by pinning the ruffle in the same fashion as with the first one, only slightly next to the first stitched row.
  11. Repeat the steps until your ruffle fully covers the felt circle. You may have some ruffle left over
  12. Trim off the remaining ruffle and fold down the short end twice at 1/2" and either hand stitch the fold down or use your sewing machine
  13. To secure the ruffle end, hand stitch it to the center of the circle
  14. This is what your ruffle looks like from underneath
  15. It's time to pin the ruffle to your pillow by using the 3 safety pins


Your Ruffled Pillow Is Done!

ruffled pillow diy


Pick a place that needs some pretty and showcase your finished pillow! Tip: before washing the pillowcase, remove the safety pins.

See you next time! ;)

Denise Knapp Owner | DIY Crush