Eco Friendly Pillow Inserts

Old Coke Bottles in Action for Your Fashion!

Want to go green for your pillow insert and fiber filled forms?  We have the solution.  Our eco-friendly filling is made of 100% recycled plastics from items like old soda bottles. 


The actual color of the recycled poly fiber we use is green in color and in content.  This size of the fiber is identical to the virgin polyester filling that we use. This gives the same look and feel to your pillows even if you go green.  The big difference is the fact that these fibers have had a previous life!

Designers Love us

If your customers want to be eco-friendly and still want great hypo-allergenic quality filling, PillowCubes has the solution for you. You may not save the world by buying our green pillows, but you are doing your part one recycled bottle at a time. 


***Please note: An eco-friendly fill with non-woven shell product is currently offered with a minimum quantity of 20 pillow forms in a given size. 


We believe in recycling and hope you do also. See our selection of eco-friendly pillows and remember that we also can do this in custom orders as well.