Wholesale Pillow Inserts

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jun 23rd 2017

The first thing you'll see on our site is "Wholesale Pillow Inserts Made in the USA"--this is because it's where we began as a company. When we started PillowCubes, our idea was to sell Cubes (also kn … read more

Vacuum-Packed Pillow Inserts

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jun 12th 2017

Occasionally we hear, "My pillow insert looks like a floppy pancake!" or "My pillow insert isn't fluffy!" This is because we ship our pillows like this: Don't fret--this is not how your pillow fo … read more

Customer Highlight: ReMinkie Memory Bears

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jan 18th 2017

We love hearing from our customers, and we're delighted when our customers are thrilled with their pillows. We recently heard from one of our new regular customers, Rita Glosser. She wanted to share h … read more

The Christmas Pillow Experience

Posted by Heather Galloway on Jan 5th 2017

As we move into the colder winter days, it's time to tuck away all the Christmas things until next year. Yeah, I know, most people have already moved on from Christmas, but it's always so hard for me … read more

Small Order Costs

Nov 28th 2016

ave you ever ordered a single pillow (or maybe even a few pillows) and been annoyed to find the shipping/handling fee higher than the cost of the pillows? There are several reasons why small order cos … read more